About PartyHound®

Welcome to PartyHound.com!

Let our pup sniff out great deals on everything you need for your event!

As you can see, our lovable hound dog is just a puppy, but he’s growing quickly, jumping up and down with excitement, ready to claim his backyard territory as the number one online resource for parties, weddings, and events! PartyHound® is a fun and comprehensive directory of vendors, stores, ideas, and information that will make planning a party, wedding, corporate function, or any kind of event easy and successful. From planning checklists, tips, tricks, unique ideas, entertainers, favors, keepsakes, photographers, florists, decorations, caterers, venues, video, lighting, and many other types of products and services… we can help you bring together the best for your celebration! We’ve trained our pup to track down inspiring ideas, products you’ll love, and service providers that will amaze you! Our pup’s favorite book is Go Dog Go by P.D. Eastman. You may remember reading it as a kid. What a great book! The PartyHound® especially loves the pages in the book about the dog party! You remember words from the book “A big dog party! Big dogs, little dogs, red dogs, blue dogs, yellow dogs, green dogs, black dogs, and white dogs are all at a dog party!”

What's all this crazy nonsense about dog parties?

Let our hound dog sniff out great deals on everything you need for your event!

That’s what the PartyHound® is all about! Parties! All kinds of parties! Weddings, mitzvahs, birthdays, anniversaries, holiday parties, corporate events, school dances, reunions, college parties, special events, concerts, nightclubs, fundraisers, pet birthday parties (our pup made us include this one!). Whatever kind of get-together or celebration you can think of! The PartyHound® is your source for finding the best products and services for your event. You ask the hound what you want, he’ll fetch it for you. He’s very obedient. He has been known to tear up a few hotel rooms, but other than that, his behavior is very good. Ask him to help you find a great DJ for your class reunion, or the perfect wedding gown, or a talented balloon artist for your child’s birthday party– he’ll find lots of ’em to choose from! And fast! Doesn’t matter if you’re representing your business to find a caterer for your company holiday party, or if you’re a bride looking for a photographer, or if you’re the class president looking for decorations for your prom! The PartyHound® can help you find professionals you can trust. The PartyHound® is a kind, gentle dog with a great sense of humor. Take a look at him here at PartyHound.com! You’ll find information, ideas, tips and tricks to help you put on a great event! It’s only the beginning for this hound! We’ve got lots more planned for you! Like we said, he’s just a puppy right now, but look out! Woof! Woof!! Thanks for visiting Partyhound.com and have a great party!