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What is PartyHound® is an online directory of businesses that sell products and services to individuals, organizations, or corporations putting on any type of social or business event… entertainment, formal wear, equipment, decorations, venues, food, beverages and much more. The business and consumer visits the site to gather information and contact vendors.

Our visitors spend time on the site accessing compelling and helpful information to produce any sort of event. For example, how to plan and prepare for a wedding reception, how to hire an event planner, exciting new ideas for anniversary celebrations, tips for retail store grand openings, team-building ideas for corporate events, games and contests for birthday parties, and more!

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To grow your business! Will Rogers said, “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” Most of you already have a website. Use our pup as a promotional tool to help new customers find your website! Many businesses don’t have the time, inclination, knowledge, or money to develop and promote a website. We can help. We provide you with a full-page web display.

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Your customers are already pointing and clicking like crazy, help them make it even easier to find you! A study by DoubleClick, Inc. reports, “Interactive marketing is emerging as crucial in meeting consumers’ needs in gathering additional product information to support purchasing decisions for several categories, including those not typically sold online.” The study found that interactive marketing is among the top three influencers of further learning and purchasing decision stages of consumer shopping behavior.

According to a study conducted by Millward Brown IntelliQuest, 32% of new parents embrace the convenience of shopping online and make fewer trips to the mall. 78% of people said they use the internet to obtain product information before making a purchase, and are more likely to engage online when experiencing a life change such as marriage.

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