Christmas Party Tips
‘Tis the Season!

Need some fresh ideas for this year’s Christmas celebration?

Don’t use the same old Christmas party idea every year

Make this year stand out from the rest with a unique theme, decorations, and activities. One great idea for celebrating the holidays in style is to entertain different groups of friends at different times throughout the party weekend. For example, you can invite your neighbors over on Friday night, your co-workers on Saturday night, and your relatives on Sunday night. That way you can spend time with everyone you care about over holidays but eliminate awkward moments between guests who don’t know each other.

Christmas Party Tips

Planning a food theme is beneficial because then you won’t spend unnecessary money on extra appetizers and dishes. It’s also a lot easier and less expensive to prepare when you plan your party around a food theme. For example, you can serve homemade chili, throw a pizza party, or plan a build-your-own burrito or sandwich party. You can even make your party a potluck and have your guests bring their favorite holiday dishes. Potlucks are a great ice breaker because they get everyone involved in the planning process.

Rather than using fancy tablecloths, why not use a vinyl table cloth topped with a large white sheet of paper? Leave mugs full of crayons on the table so children and adults alike can create little Christmas drawings or wish you a Happy Holidays. Have plenty of food containers or Tupperware handy at your party so you can give your guests some leftovers when they head home.

Christmas Party Idea: Start Off Your Party with an Icebreaker

Get guests of all ages to join in the fun with some fun party icebreakers. Party icebreakers allow everyone to get comfortable, laugh and enjoy themselves. The present scramble is a fun game that consists of putting a small gift in a small box and then boxing it again and again while wrapping it with numerous layers of wrapping paper each time. Someone then chooses a number between 1 and 6 and the players all sit in a circle so each person can roll a dice. Whoever rolls the chosen number puts mittens on and takes off a layer of wrapping. The person who takes off the last layer of wrapping paper wins the prize.

Some Christmas party tips that make for fun memories include creating a guest book for the wall and a personalized welcome banner. You can use a large piece of ply wood or white board and supply markers so everyone that comes to your party can leave a personal message. Wall guest books are fun, decorative, and a great conversational piece at any party. It’s also nice to create your very own welcome banner for the guests. Get creative and make a banner that will leave your guests feeling welcomed and appreciated.

Another Christmas party idea you may want to consider is using your party as a time to collect donations that benefit the needy. For example, you can collect cans of food from your guests when they walk in the door so you can donate them to a local charity. You can also put together food baskets or make gloves, blankets, and scarves to donate to a local shelter.

Don’t let this year’s Christmas party be just another end of the year holiday party for your guests. Make sure it’s a memorable one by incorporating fun new activities and decorations into the festivities. Planning an Xmas celebration can be a very enjoyable experience and there’s no need to spend a lot of money on extravagant goods to make an unforgettable holiday party a reality.


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