Company Picnic Tips

Spring, Summer and Fall, three great seasons for a Company Picnic

The joy of spring makes many people happy and ready to go outdoors after a long cold winter…  or the colors of fall after a hot summer can also provide inspiration. Then again,  the summer sunshine can make you smile. Time to have fun, get outside, and enjoy nature and the fresh air for a company picnic with co-workers.

First thing is to set a date. Often a Saturday noon to 4 or 5 p.m. works great. Second… know how many people will  attend. Send an invitation requiring an RSVP for the number of invitees. Select the place where you want the event to occur.  We see many company picnics and corporate events happening in an amusement park, public park, water park, public garden, ranches, country clubs, venues designed for company events, clam bakes, beaches, your corporate facility courtyard, etc.  Make sure you have shelter from rain, or designate a rain date.

Next step : the activities. There are many fun activities that will make your company’s picnic awesome. Many employees have children and making the little ones busy, happy and tired will be appreciated if you’re inviting kids. Inflatables are very appealing for children.  Games and sports will make everybody happy.  Karaoke and dancing is so much fun and you can add it to your activities list if you like.

Speaking of dancing, you’ll need some professional entertainment. Traditional clowns will make children laugh and play. DJ’s bring their talent to the crowd and make everybody swing and dance with selected songs to make all tribes happy.  Maybe you know a great local band.  Songs for all generations and musical tastes are recommended.

Make it even more exciting with a raffle with interesting prizes. Gift cards or gift baskets are fun for all.  Cash is king!

A theme for your party is an important consideration.  For spring, create a Flower Power party with a 70’s vibe, or a 60’s hippie movement bringing the idea of peace, or perhaps a beach party. From the invitations to the tablecloths, from the activities to the cookies and decorations…  just be consistent and stay true to your theme as much as possible.

Do you like an Hawaiian vibe? A luau picnic on a beach will be lots of fun with the limbo!

Or for autumn, sunflowers and harvest decorations and activities like pumpkin carving, bobbing for apples, or a hay ride.

Don’t forget the food: chicken tenders for the kids plus pizza, hot dogs and burgers, barbecue, seafood, whatever you and your team decide. Beverages such as beer, wine, soda, lemonade, regular iced and sweet tea options. Consider hiring a professional catering service so you can relax and enjoy some time with your co-workers.  Don’t forget the popcorn, lollipops, cotton candy, and/or ice cream.  You might consider food trucks or BBQ.  So many options!


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