Not So Basic Corporate Party Ideas

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Office party ideas to please the guests and most importantly, your boss.

Planning a festive corporate event is no easy task. Sure, you could just put on some music, serve appetizers, and decorate the room with balloons. But attending yet another typical function will only seem repetitive and boring to your boss and employees.  The best way to celebrate any occasion such as a retirement, a roast of the CEO, or a trade show recognition after-party is by adding a unique theme.

One advantage of planning a party at the office is that a tight budget usually isn’t too much of an issue.  Many employers like to pamper their staffers during corporate parties to make an event to look forward to.  The aim of a corporate function is for everyone to get to know each other better, relax, feel like a team, and have a good time.

Corporate parties are most successful with themes that revolve around something exotic, funny, or out of the ordinary.  This helps employees enjoy themselves.  Of course, you can’t go without the appropriate props and decorations.

Prior to deciding on a theme, it’s a good idea to figure out the average age range of those who will be attending.  For example, if most of the employees are young, you will want to play music that’s popular with their generation.  If the employees are from diverse age groups or cultures, plan to try to please everyone.

The best corporate party ideas are ones that encourage participation.  One of the main purposes of throwing a party at the office is to get everyone to interact with each other.  Theme parties with fun activities will give everyone in attendance a chance to express themselves and loosen up.  Humor is an indispensable part of any corporate celebration.  Competitive activities are also a big hit.

Some time-tested corporate party themes include disco fever, a luau, a classic western theme, classic literature, and alternative sports tournaments.  At a disco fever party, everyone can dress in flashy 70’s clothes, you can hold a silly dance contest, and offer a prize for the winner to get all of the employees to participate in the festivities.  Luaus are always a good time because they are colorful, relaxed, and fun.  At a western party you might teach a country line dance like Cotton Eyed Joe or Copperhead Road.  Here’s something different– a classic literature party, guests can dress as their favorite characters in literature…  we’re sure you’ll see Mark Twain there!  Alternative sports tournaments like paintball, office olympics, and ultimate Frisbee can get everyone in a competitive mood and are great for team-building.

Corporate celebrations are not complete until you get the appropriate music, decorations, activities, food, and drinks together.  Make sure to create a festive atmosphere complete with all of these elements included.

Let your imagination run wild but consider ideas most suitable for the people at your workplace.  Plan plenty of fun activities that fit with the purpose and theme to ensure that everyone gets involved and has a good time.


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