Graduation Party Themes– Say Goodbye to School in Style

Celebrate a graduate–  for yourself or someone you love!

Finishing school is one of the most important and exciting events in life.  After you throw your graduation hat, it’s time for a serious party!  Make sure your celebration is a memorable one by perhaps using one of these graduation party themes.  Whether you’re planning your own bash or you’re a parent planning one for your child, make sure you come up with a theme.  It will really ‘take it up a notch.’  An appropriate theme will make decorating and everything else that goes with throwing the party much easier…  including your unique and fun ideas!

Successful Graduation Party Themes

Deciding on a theme can be the most difficult aspect of planning a graduation celebration.  Try to create a theme that is based on the graduate’s interests.  Deciding on a great theme makes decorating for the party much easier.  If the graduate is attending college, you can buy merchandise from the college he or she is attending and use it as decoration.  You can also use plates, streamers, and other items in the school’s colors at the party.

If the graduate has a hobby, consider planning a theme based on that hobby.  Sports themes like soccer, cheer leading, basketball, or football are easy to decorate for.  If the graduate is really into music, you can plan a theme based on his or her favorite musical genre, or an instrument he or she plays.  Destination party themes are also good fun.  For instance, if the graduate has studied abroad in Spain, you can plan a party with a Spanish theme with Spanish food and music.  All you have to do is determine your budget, set the time and location, and brainstorm until you come up with a theme that seems to work for your celebration.  After that, the invitations, decorations, and menu will come easily.

The Menu

Graduates and their friends are a hungry bunch, but that doesn’t mean you should overdo it with the food.  Keep it simple and manageable by serving only five to seven dishes at the party.  If it’s in your budget, hiring a catering company– including cleaning up afterward.  That’s a great idea because it takes the hassle out of food prep and serving, and you get to enjoy yourself!

You can have a brunch, lunch, dinner, or dessert party.  A weekend brunch is a great solution for graduation party menu planning because the food is simple, delicious, and easy to prepare.  You can set up a big table outdoors with pancakes, fresh fruit, eggs, fruit juice, bagels, and other goodies.

For a party scheduled at lunchtime or dinnertime, have an outdoor BBQ, build-it-yourself sandwiches or tacos, or pizza, which is always a big hit.  People get tired of the same old chips, soda, and hot dogs and burgers so try making the food you serve unique.  If you are going to serve pizza, serve less common varieties of pizza such as pesto, or pizza with blue cheese in addition to the usual mozzarella, or unique and different toppings.

Don’t forget dessert!  Cake is very popular at graduation parties.  You can make your own or order a cake featuring a photo of the graduate.  If the graduate is an athlete, you can decorate the cake like a basketball, baseball, tennis racket, or whatever.  Other popular and fun dessert ideas include an ice cream bar, smores, candy, and pie.

Follow these simple tips and you’re sure to plan a graduation celebration that’s meaningful, fun, and memorable.

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