How to Worry About Your Wedding

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No matter how much planning, the big day will always come with nerves and worry

All weddings are different. Personality, culture, budget, and overall desired vibe are all factors in no two weddings being alike. With so many variables creating unique wedding days, there is one thing that every wedding day shares: stress.

Even the most easy going bride will experience stress at one point or another while planning the big day. So many details are expected to come together, it’s natural to worry and feel overwhelmed that something will go wrong. Stress in inevitable, but learn here how to worry in a more effective way.

Weather is one of the biggest factors a bride and groom will worry about in planning their nuptials. The fact remains, however, that you have absolutely no control over how the weather will be the day of your wedding. Rather than placing worry in sunny skies, worry about having a plan B (and plan C!) if your ceremony or reception is anticipated to be outside. It is also important to make sure your event coordinator, bridal party, and vendors know the back up plan for bad weather.

When my brother got married, the ceremony was set to take place on a golf course. Then the storms rolled in. The staff quickly moved the chairs to the covered porch, until I informed the coordinator wind was blowing in rain and soaking the chairs. The ceremony was moved indoors, but this backup plan was never put in place, so with the music starting we walked up the stairs from the dressing room and the coordinator whispered directions on where we were supposed to go, as the guests watched. Worrying about the weather won’t change the forecast, so worry about having a plan for rain or shine so your wedding day will run smoothly.

Food is one of the most important aspects of a wedding for many couples and guests. You’ll likely taste your food options before choosing them for the reception, so rather than worrying about the food and budget, worry about the guest list.

Plated dinners are typically a more expensive option, considering everything must be made, plated, and served individually by staff. Focus on your guest list in this situation. That Facebook friend from your dorm freshman year, your dad’s first boss from 25 years ago you met once, your friend from summer camp you last spoke to 4 years ago, all will be paid for per plate. If you’re worried about budget, stress less on compromising the quality of the meal to fit the budget and focus more on paring down your guests to those who are truly important to you. With a buffet style meal, you may stress less about the price so put your attention into what happens with extra food. Find out if extra food can be taken or donated following the reception.

No matter how much planning, the big day will always come with nerves and worry. The best thing to worry about? Yourself! Yes, the day is about you so there’s no shame in focusing on yourself. That’s why during your planning you should stress less about the details of the day and worry about delegating the decisions to a coordinator or trusted friend.

Have a plan for set up and vendors so you won’t have to worry while you’re getting ready. Know when each vendor will be arriving, what they’ll need for set up, who to contact if things aren’t right, and have backup plans for wardrobe issues, venue issues, etc. Rather than run the show, give someone else the responsibility of handling the stress of the day so you can stay worry-free.

A wedding will always come with stress, but choosing how and when to worry will make for a more pleasant day. While you plan, make sure to ask yourself periodically ‘is this worth worrying about?’ Find a way to put the worry aside and focus on the positive.


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