If You Want To Marry In January

If You Want To Marry In January | Tips and Ideas For January Wedding

Written by Maria Lessa

Congratulations! You’re getting married and you’ve decided to celebrate this important milestone in your life in January. Marrying in the first month of the year can be described as enchanting, fanciful, playful, and beautiful with rich colors, roaring log fires, and hopefully a sprinkling of snow.  Not to mention marrying in January is generally more affordable!  And it doesn’t have to be cold outside…a January wedding can take place on a beautiful sunny day by the ocean.

Winter Wonderland is a perfect theme for a white wedding party and wedding decorations. Our imagination takes us to colors of white, silver, gold, winter blue, warm red, or twilight purple in your favorite romantic setting.

For many years people received wedding invitations to attend wedding ceremonies in the spring, summer or fall, but now many folks have discovered how beautiful  and romantic a wedding can be on a winter day .  In South America, May (equivalent to January for winter in North America) is the favorite month to get married, and many brides there dream of a date available in churches this month to say and hear the words “I do”.

Historically, in most places January has not been a busy wedding month, but if you want to consider it, there’s a better chance your favorite venue will be available. But not for long. Brides and grooms are falling in love with the idea that January is the beginning of a new year, and is perfect to start a new life together with your husband or wife..

Why might this month be wonderful for your wedding?

First of all, as I mentioned, white is the color.  January is pure winter white and takes our imagination to a white wedding dress, to flowers and details in crystal, winter blue, winter purple, or you might like silver and gold. The combination of ivory, white. and natural green can be amazing, too.

White Wedding Reception | January Wedding Motif

You can enjoy a evening party with fairy decorations and appropriately wonderful lighting. When we think of lights we might see candles , chandeliers, uplighting, or any other idea you desire.  Lighting is very important and can create a dreamy atmosphere. Many winter nights are so beautiful, and the sky looks so clear and full of stars.   Everything will be amazingly romantic and magical for you in the wintertime.

Consider the traditional white wedding dress.

One of the first famous people that began this tradition was Queen Victoria. She married on a winter day in a beautiful white dress. Most of us that have fair skin might be worried about a spring or summer wedding because you don’t feel tanned enough for a summer dress, however, January is here to show how wonderful you can look as a winter princess on your special day.  You’ll be able to show your future generations how pretty you were on your wedding day. You’ll make wonderful memories and create lasting traditions that will last forever in your family.

Everything changes in the world so very fast these days.

We enjoy many technological wonders in our daily lives, but the wedding is still an ancient rite of passage. For generations people have paid careful attention to traditions and superstitions around this important day. They say :snow on your wedding days brings fertility and abundance!  Who knows, it might be true.

It doesn’t have to be cold on your wedding day. You can still marry in January if you love summer. It’s sunny and warm in many beautiful beach destinations, like Naples, Florida; Cancun, Mexico, a Caribbean island, Charleston, South Carolina; Mendoza, Argentina; Maui, Hawaii; Sedona, Arizona; or Melbourne, Australia just to name a few.  Of course, you can simply consider it for your honeymoon. Sea lovers can enjoy this paradise no matter the season. For real winter lovers a honeymoon in a snowy escape is a dream to remember. Think of a cozy log cabin or ski resort or luxurious hotel in Lake Placid, or Aspen, Colorado; or New England; or Switzerland; or British Columbia, Canada; Iceland; Norway, or upstate New York.

If you marry during the summer months you might want to consider that many of your friends and family will be enjoying their summer vacations. They might need to decide between your wedding or their summer plans.

Winter is an elegant season for many reasons.

People like to get cozy and enjoy wine and conversation close to a warm fire.  If you plan to marry in a castle or in a stately home with big hallways and open fireplaces make sure all of your guests are served with mulled wine when they arrive to the reception.  After this, the fun begins with classy dinner music, meeting up with long lost friends and family, great conversation, and menu options from cheeses, soups, pastas, appetizers for your guests .

Like the song says, baby it’s cold outside, and obviously everyone knows what to wear. Many women like to dress in a warm, chic, elegant or classic outfit for this day of joy. And don’t forget the men. They’ll feel more comfortable in their suits in the wintertime.

Think of the beautiful photos of you, your husband or wife, and your wedding party on a snowy day.  Of course, the children will love it.

Get those invitations out!  The classic or vintage invitation is perfect for this time of the year.

Embrace this idea if you like, and remember, January can be magical for your wedding.

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