Invitation Faux Pas

by Andie Smith


Years ago when I was in the position to help individuals order their wedding invitations there was . . .  let’s just say an “oops” that could have caused the bride and groom to show up at the altar with only the resident church mouse to claim witness to their ceremonious vows.

A bride-to-be came into my little shop one day to place wedding invitations. Back then they were not ordered online. You actually used carbon paper between the order sheets. Yes, I know this dates me but let’s not go there. 

She had lovely wording already chosen. Wording that was just slightly unique and represented her bubbly personality. It was perfect, the verses, her use of words to express the love the two of them shared. It was going to be a large wedding. 400 invitations were ordered. Keep in mind this was not 400 guests but 400 invitations. Do the math. At least 2 guests per invitation. Take out a few no shows, but even then, you can tell this was going to be Big!

Invitation Faux Pas | Wedding Invitation | Party Hound

We wrote up the order. I reviewed it, she reviewed it and it was sent in. We waited a few days and it arrived. Beautiful boxes, with heavy, creamy, cotton paper stock wrapped in soft tissue. Flowers danced off of the paper, curling around the intricate embossed paper.  She left with a smile on her face and I went about my daily business, job well done, another satisfied customer and another self pat on the back.

A few weeks went by and to my surprise the bride stepped into the shop. We had ordered thank you cards so I knew that wasn’t it. Perhaps she decided on table cards for the reception? We were so careful to check spelling, making sure names and addresses were correct. Punctuation was used appropriately, rsvps were worded so to enhance the chance of actual response. So all should have been good. I wasn’t quite sure why she returned. 

I missed it, she missed it, the card company missed it, we both missed it when they came in, her bridesmaids who helped her address them missed it, so out they went. Happily double stamped with pink hearts (they were heavy, additional stamps required). The bride waited patiently for the R.S.V.P.s to start rolling back. 

They didn’t and that is when she knew something was amiss. There was no Time listed on the invitation. Now, she certainly could have been really upset. I’m sure you have heard the term “Bridezilla”  . . .  most brides would have been. And yes, most of the responsibility had been mine. But remember how I said she had a bubbly personality? This wonderful, beautiful, easy going bride-to-be surprised me. She had the wording she wished to have printed on small coordinating cards. These were to be sent out to the entire guest list immediately. Single stamps this time, it was small.

And what did she have put on these cards? “Our marriage is Timeless, However our Wedding is Not!” It was perfect. This soon to be married woman had all the virtues that any man would wish for in a wife. Miss Bride-to-Be, job well done!

Did, I mention her husband had at the time been a popular NFL football player. Hence the “big” wedding. That’s a story for another day.

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