Surefire Ways to Plan a Wildly Fun Bachelorette Party!

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We asked all the women on the Partyhound staff for their ideas on this one!

Make sure your last ladies’ night is wild, enjoyable, and memorable by exploring fun bachelorette party themes and ideas.  Bachelorette party planning is often just as enjoyable as the bachelorette party itself due to the sheer number of options out there.  If you are a bridesmaid or the maid of honor, give your friend a night to remember with these fun bachelorette party ideas.

Party Favors Any Girl Would Love

No bachelorette party is complete without bachelorette party favors.  Some fun party favors include Mardi Gras beads, sparkling tiaras, leis, naughty pens, gummies, and more.  Leis can be made out of traditional flowers or you can use leis made of funny items like pacifiers, condoms, and lubricants.  The best bachelorette party favors for your party will depend on your party’s theme.

Fun Bachelorette Party Themes

Typically, naughty bachelorette party themes are a big hit with the ladies.  The ever popular p****r theme is a surefire way to guarantee a fun time at your bachelorette party.  You can serve drinks with p****r cups, straws, make a cake as a centerpiece, and suck on lollie pops.  There are a number of items you can purchase as decorations and bachelorette party favors for your themed party including pasta, inflatables, and soap.

Other fun bachelorette party themes that make for easy bachelorette party planning include chaining the bride-to-be up to a blow-up doll labeled as the “groom” and calling her a prisoner of love.  Plan it so that a male exotic dancer dressed as a police officer comes knocking on the door to “arrest” her, only to strip down, revealing nothing but a sequined Speedo!

Bachelorette Party Ideas for Games

There are a number of hilarious games you can play at your bachelorette party.  The pin the macho on the man game is one of the most popular bachelorette party games.  It works like pin the tail on the donkey except that you pin something a little naughtier than a tail and in between a macho man’s legs rather than a donkey’s backside.  Another fun game is the piñata.  Blindfolded, party guests take a swing at a giant, candy-filled you know what.  Naked man and other naughty playing cards also make for fun bachelorette party games.

Other bachelorette party ideas for games include the “I Know What It Is” game.  Get a bag to put some naughty toys in.  Have the guests put their hands in the bag to feel what the item is.  Whoever guesses correctly wins a naughty prize!  Drinking games of all sorts are also very successful as bachelorette party games.

Bachelorette Party Planning Tips

No matter how fun your bachelorette party ideas and theme are you have to make preparations to ensure that your party runs smoothly.  Start bachelorette party planning a few months before the big day so you have plenty of time to work out all the kinks.

It’s usually a good idea to have your bachelorette party one month before the wedding rather than the night before because a bad hangover or any other complication could get in the way of the bride enjoying the most important day of her life.  If you have the bachelorette party one month before the big day, there will be plenty of time to recover and all of the ladies in attendance, including the bride-to-be, are bound to let loose and make the last ladies’ night one to remember.


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