Virtual Party Ideas: An Art-Themed Event Makes Your Online Party Memorable

Power and Beauty

One of the things that people missed most during the Covid-19 lockdowns was experiencing immersion in the arts, and artists yearned for interaction with their audiences. An art-themed evening brings the power and beauty of cultural events to your virtual group party. However, lockdowns and Covid-19 aren’t the only reasons to zoom in on a good time. A virtual get-together can be a great way to connect and unite people all over the world.

Make Beautiful Music Together

Join forces with a local band or with musicians who can be based anywhere in the world, and get your Zoom, Skype, or Facetime dance party going, so it’s off-the-hook– and online! Let the tunes ring out while supporting musical artists. For more ideas on virtual musical events, try a booking agency such as Fix the Music, Special Guest, or reach out to your favorite entertainers.


A poetry reading with one poet or a flock of wordsmiths raises spirits and consciousness. Revive and reinterpret the tradition of the cultural salon for today’s connected living rooms. Leave time for a question-and-answer period, group discussion, and consider linking to poet’s websites or an indie bookstore via

The Play’s the Thing

A group reading of a play can unite people, from those who have never acted but have wanted to perform to the pros. You can go for a reading of a famous dramatic work, pen a play on your own, or craft a group improv dramatic scene that is fit for the screen — your screens, that is.

Good Characters

Create a party where people dress as their favorite literary characters and help people get in touch with their dramatically playful side. You can have games where you try to guess each costume and the work that it’s based on; extra points for quoting from the work that inspired the costume. Encourage people to prepare a drink or snack that their character would have enjoyed and share the recipes online.

Themed Karaoke

Choose from any music, from contemporary French cabaret to early Los Angeles Hip Hop. Yes, karaoke is a favorite with Zoomers, and there is a reason: let out your inner crooner. Encourage people to dress to celebrate the evening’s theme and share an online set-list.

Sip on It

Drinking together is better! Try libations inspired by classic literature or song. Have people share their recipes and the works that shake up the cocktails. To encourage sharing, create an online site for party-goers to add beloved tomes or song titles to a list, make a place for comments, and space for people to post cocktail recipes. Create a drinking “quotation game” where people submit their favorite song lyrics or quotations. Consider appointing an MC to keep the group on target and a librarian to spot-check quotations. Perfect quotes mean that everyone gets to lift their glasses in celebration.

By the Bedside

Everyone ponders what their favorite friends are up to before turning out the lights. Engage in a special lit event that encourages people to give a brief book review or summary and read short passages of the work currently on their bedside table. Encourage people to sip their favorite late-night libation, like chamomile tea, hot chai tea toddies, or mulled wine. For the bold, the fearless, the fun, wearing pajamas is allowed.

Let’s Get Cooking

The art of fine dining is one of life’s great pleasures and a fine art form. For a one-time event or a rotating series, have one person plan a meal and post the list of ingredients and recipes online well beforehand. Plan out any prep work and mise en place. You may want to include a set-list of music to accompany the cooking lesson and any wines or other libations. Then, the chef leads the group on a cooking lesson and a group dinner on the night in question. Or go with a professional chef offering virtual cooking demonstrations, like The Chef and the Dish.

Virtual gatherings help maintain strong connections with family, friends, and peers. When you add in the arts, you encourage guests to support artists and enhance people’s love of culture while empowering and linking individuals through song and story, food and fun, with friends worldwide, all while celebrating the ideals of inclusiveness and joy that the arts embody.



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