Wedding Inspiration From a Certain Classic Film

Think of a movie, a classic movie…

A musical with a lovely story… and moments of suspense, too.  We are talking about “The Sound of Music” . This big screen masterpiece was released on April 1st , 1965.  Wonderful actors. I can’t forget to say one of my favorite actresses : Julie Andrews. Perfect Acting. Perfect personality. I just love her. I know I am not alone.

This movie is part of my life. I can see my mother in front of me when I watch this movie. She loved it. And she had many things in common with Maria Von Trapp, from the love for the music to the religiosity.

What brought me now to talk about this movie is a scene. The moment  a widowed naval Captain Von Trapp surrenders to the Music he used to enjoy before the death of his first wife, the mother of his seven children. He sings Edelweiss. It is so good to hear Christopher Plummer singing. It is like a great, dad singing a lullaby to us. To all of us. It’s only of my favorite scenes. I confess is hard to say which scene is my favorite.

Edelweiss is  a song written EXCLUSIVELY for the movie. I thought it was a traditional, folk song from the Alps.  It is also a white and simple little flower. It grows in the Alps of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It is Switzerland’s National Flower. The name of this flower means Edel = noble ; weiss = white.

This flower is an excellent symbol for a wedding. It is white and traditionally this is the color the brides wore year after year. Everybody know the color brings the idea of purity. Edelweiss symbolizes pure love and devotion. It is a great symbol for little details on a wedding dress , tiara, jewelry or any other decoration. The creativity has no limit in this case.

The Sound of Music is a great source of inspiration for the day you decide to live a dream with the man or woman…  the day you decide to share your life forever. The flower and the songs are great. What about the location?  An outdoor ceremony? You don’t have to go the the Alps in Salzburg, Austria, but the idea is not bad, right?  We have many mountains-like-the-Alps  places here and there in America.

There are several spots for a wedding you can be inspired by.  But again, my favorite is the Von  Trapp villa with that wonderful backyard. Think of the scene when Maria and the children fall out the boat. That place is the Leopold palace  in Salzburg.

Wedding day? And the wedding dress? Maria Von Trapp brings the idea of a simple but wonderful white wedding dress.  It looks like it was made with satin. Perfect for an indoor wedding evening in an abbey. Very romantic and very special.

So…what are you waiting for, brides?  A wonderful dress. magic, and romantic inspiration with the singular flower from the Alps that symbolizes love and devotion. The romantic and happy songs. Locations that make you dream of the sound of music in your heart with the love of your life.

Everything began with a flower. Edelweiss. Pure love with the Sound of Music. Just me, dreaming.


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